Top Security Tips

As well as having a good security system in place there are a number of simple things you can do to make sure that your home and business premises are secure.

Fences, walls, and hedges should be high enough to deter a thief, but not so high as to allow them to work unseen.
All external doors should be solid and a minimum of 1 3/4" think. Key locks and deadbolts should be of a high
quality, as should the door frame (a solid door is of little security without a solid frame)
Don't leave unattached ladders outside the building. They can be used to enter your home. Same goes for any
tools - make sure everything is locked away, preferably with good quality locks.
When you are away, do not leave any clues that there is no-one there, i.e. leave a light on timer so that it comes on
every evening, cancel deliveries, divert landline numbers to a mobile phone.
Don't leave a spare key under a mat, in a flower bed, under a rock etc, burglars will find it because they know where
to look.

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